Have You Heard about Amy Foxwell and “The Trich Stop System”?

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I have had the privilege of corresponding recently with Amy Foxwell.   Amy is a successful author, a business consultant and a mother of two young children. She was also an eyelash puller for over 35 years. But she is pull free and the creator of the well respected and revolutionary Trich Stop Kit and Hair Growth Oil.  And I am so excited that she agreed to share her story in an interview for us!  

Amy Foxwell

Amy Foxwell


How long have you had trichotillomania and how did you find out there was much more to it than just being a habit?

Well, I like to say that I still ‘have’ trichotillomania, it’s just now I can control it. Someone who has quit pulling is an ‘ex-trichster’ and will never be a ‘non-trichster’. I sometimes equate it to being an ex-smoker. That means that you always have to be self-aware and careful. Sometimes little urges start to pop up and I have to center myself again. It gets easier with time, but I know that I have this weakness and I am careful. I started pulling at a very young age (I can remember collecting my eyelashes in a little box!), and I finally beat it when I hit 40. For the longest time I didn’t realize that I had a ‘condition’. I always felt like I could just stop one day, using my own willpower. That was such self-delusion! There was NO way I was ‘just going to stop’ one day. I didn’t really know anything about Trichotillomania until a doctor mentioned it in passing. That’s when the light bulb went on. I went home and read and researched and realized that this was MUCH bigger than willpower. I really feel that that was one of the key turning points for me – realizing that it was a condition and needed to be dealt with as such. Hopefully with the internet, and certain celebrities coming out about their condition we can raise all importance awareness. 


What were your personal struggles about living with trich?

I felt the frustration, resignation, shame and went through all the makeup and hiding procedures. I had a hard time coming to grips with the fact that I was a successful person in so many other aspects, and felt so ‘normal’ inside, so why did I have this strange problem? I also felt lonely. I couldn’t talk to anyone about it and that was tough. I had to look at myself honestly and face my issues and my condition. And that’s when my cure really started. But boy did I go through a roller coaster of feelings! 


Had you tried to stop pulling before and how many times?

Oh yeah, haven’t we all? If I had a penny for each time I tried to stop! The thing is, I wasn’t trying to stop in a structured way. I was just trying to will power it. I mean I’m an intelligent successful person, right? Surely I could stop pulling out my eyelashes, for goodness sake. Every single time I’d have a bad episode (which was constantly), I’d sit myself down, give myself a good talking to, and then swear to myself that had been the last time. Never worked of course. And that was pretty soul destroying. It undermined my confidence and was such an energy drain.


How long did it take you to fine the best essential oils to use for quitting trich?

Quite a while. While I was looking for something to soothe my eyelashes, and maybe help them grow back I searched high and low on the internet. All I could find were massively chemical products like Nioxin and Latisse. I tried them, but I didn’t find that they helped at all, they irritated me and I was against the chemicals. And they were really expensive! However, what I did notice was that by stroking on the product when I felt an urgent to pull I started to modify my behavior from pulling to stroking. And then it dawned on me, I needed to research natural remedies. I use essential oils with my children and have long been a fan after seeing the results with my own eyes. I am a true believer in essential oils, and thought, why not use them to beat my Trich? So I started to look for a natural hair growth oil. But there was nothing out there, so I decided to create my own. Boy did I spend some time researching and going through some different mixes! But I finally came up with a mix that I am very happy with. I still keep some with me for any times that I’m starting to feel a bit weak or I just need to the soothing gesture. For me the mix of using the very positive methods along with the oil was the breakthrough and that is when I really began my victory over Trichotillomania. 


How long did it take you to write your book?

Several years. 


We are so thankful that you decided to share this with us, what made you decide to share?

 Well, once I found something that works I just wanted to share it. Having lived through years of this terrible condition how could I just keep it to myself? And I guess while I was examining my life I decided that I would like to start focusing my time on something that would help others. 


Do you have any other thoughts or encouragement to share with us?

 Lets not beat around the bush. Beating trich is DIFFICULT. Really difficult. But I want people to know that it IS possible. I’m not sure I really believed it was possible until I took a drastic decision to change my mindset, and I do feel that those exercises were crucial to curing my trich. It is also important to understand that beating trich and behaviour modification is gradual, and back-sliding can be a natural part of the process. So if you do fall off the wagon, just pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start again. And most importantly BE KIND TO YOURSELF.

To get more information on the Trich Stop Kit please view the product page here.

UPDATED 2/17/2014

I have received several questions and concerns regarding Amy
Foxwell and have thought long and hard about either removing or updating this post. I have decided to leave it up and here is my explanation.

We all know that there is not one miracle drug, medication, blog, app, toy or treatment to stop each and every Trichster from pulling. But the more we share our own experience, input, success or failure the more each of us will have a chance at finding our own success. Amy Foxwell has found her own success with her Trich Stop System. I applaud her for her efforts to share this with us.

Some may not have success with this program but in my opinion I am willing to try almost anything to reach my pull free goals. Also, I am a strong believer in essential oils, I use them for many therapeutic and daily living purposes.

My experience with The Trich Stop System is that ultimately it did not cure my Trich. I did not learn more than I already knew from the brochure that came with the program but really did not expect to, that is not why I ordered it. I mostly ordered it for the oils.

The oil itself does not smell bad, but not great either. I did get used to it. I learned that it does not work for my eyes because either I put too much or it just seeps into my eyes which burns and is very uncomfortable so be careful using it for your eyelashes. I also cannot say that it helped my hair grow any faster. However I do like the way it feels on my scalp, it gives a tiny tingly sensation for me which both feels great and keeps me from pulling for a while. It does obviously make my hair look and feel oily, greasy. So I have not worn it during the day unless I am wearing a hat or other head covering.

All in all I do not myself believe that Amy Foxwell or her Trich Stop System is a fraud. I do not mind that she may make some money selling her system, that is the nature of business and our society today. I thank Amy for her willingness to share her success and giving us all the opportunity to try her program. She has given me great service and has been very responsive to my communication.

As far as her interview, I do see that she gave the same answers that appeared on another site. However the questions were quite similar. I am sure that if any of my readers have different questions Amy would answer them. Please post any questions below and if we do get some I will ask her to answer them.

Thank you for reading my experience with Amy Foswell and The Trich Stop System.